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Random Image - Android App

Random Image - Overview

You have lots of great digital photos, but no time so see them? Then this app may help you.

This app allows you to select an arbitrary number of images and folders that are stored on your smartphone (or tablet, including SD card) into a list, and then, whenever you want, to get one random photo out of your list displayed.

You may configure multiple lists, e.g.

Then you may display your photos in various ways:

Just test the app and try out its possibilities.


The app includes the following features:

The app is limited to three image lists. If you like the app, you can purchase a premium version which does not have this limitation (as separate app).

Privacy Policy

The app uses Google Analytics to collect statistical information about app errors and app usage. This has the purpose to get information for further improvements of the app. See the Google Analytics Privacy Policy for more details.