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Random Image - Android App

Random Image - How to use

This app displays random images from image lists that you configure. Therefore, you first have to configure an image list before you can enjoy the display of random images.

Setup of the image list

First steps

When you open the app for the first time, the app will first search for image folders on your device (including SD card), and an image list will be created that contains all these image folders. You can then use this list in order to view random images from your device. Afterwards you can change the image list, if you want to see only certain image folders from your device.

Opening the configuration page

Generally, in order to configure your image list, you have to open the configuration page of the list. You can access this page in the following ways:

Adding images to the image list

If you want to add images to your list, there are the following options:

Via the symbol you may remove images and folders from your image list.

Included lists are displayed as a blue folder. If you make a long click on such a list, you may adjust how frequent images from this nested list are taken. In this way you may increase the display frequency of pictures from small lists. The same you may do for folders.

View the images

Viewing random images via the launcher

Using widgets

There are three types of widgets that you can place on your home screen in order to see random images.

If you tap on the Random Image Frame or the Random Image Deck, then you can see the displayed photo in detail. From here, you may flip the image away in order to see other images from the same list.

The Random Image Frame also allows you to switch to a new random image (via tap on the symbol on the right border of the frame), or to change the configuration of the frame (via tap on the symbol on the left border of the frame).

If you have multiple image lists, then you can place widgets for multiple image lists on your home screen, so for example you may have always a photo of your spouse and a photo of your last vacation in parallel on your screen.

Please note that directly after a reboot of the phone or tablet, the external SD card is not yet accessible. Therefore, after a reboot, the widgets can only display images from internal phone memory. If you want to see a nice image directly after reboot, you should add one nice photo from internal phone memory to each of your image lists.

Using notifications

As alternative to widgets, you may use notifications to see images from your image lists at varying time intervals. The configuration of notifications can be done from the main configuration page. You find more details in the section Notification settings .

Main configuration

The main configuraton page may be accessed in the following ways:

Here you have the following possibilities: